Robert E. Sublett


Working Dog Software San Jose, CA 2002 - Present
Working Dog Software is a small business that designs and develops static and data driven web sites using the latest technologies including XHTML, Javascript, PHP, and Java. Working Dog repairs computers, installs and troubleshoots wired and wireless networking problems, and offers training, support and web hosting.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory           Berkeley, CA                                           2000 - 2002
Associate Beamline Scientist
Designed and built equipment at beamline 10.3.2 at the Advanced Light Source (ALS) used for EXAFS research experiments. Worked with visiting scientists and graduate students in support of their research and trained them to effectively use the beamline. Major duties included building motor-controlled XY Stages (Aerotech fast scanning), integrating X-ray detectors (Canberra 7 element Ge), aligning beamline optics, and writing software in LabView for instrument control and data acquisition (using National Instruments equipment.) Other responsibilities included machining small parts using machine tools, building electronic circuits and the associated software for beamline control, ordering tools and equipment.

PE Biosystems                                                 Foster City, CA                                        1998 - 2000
Software Engineer
Writing leading edge Windows NT based bioapplications for protein identification and characterization for the Mass Spectrometry Market. Responsibilities included working with the biochemists in writing an automated protein identification program for the Macintosh based legacy application, development of the Chemical Model (the central class hierarchy that handles all of the chemical rules such as chemical formula calculations from an amino acid string), and the integration of third party tools such as database search engines into the system software.

Surface Science Laboratories,Inc.                     Mountain View, CA                                    1993-1997
Network Administrator / Software Engineer
Perform all functions of corporate computing and information systems department. Determine needs, specify, purchase, and install all workstation hardware and software in a Novell / Windows NT Server Networking environment. Administer a thirty node network consisting of thin Ethernet and ARCnet. Update and support legacy custom-written software in C language. Service computer equipment and software on instruments used for chemical analysis (Windows, OS/2, Sun Sparcstation, HP9836 platforms). Install systems using TCP/IP for communications between devices.

Hewlett-Packard                                              Boise, ID                                                  1989 - 1991
Hardware Technician
Responded immediately to production equipment problems.
Maintained and repaired disk manufacturing process equipment including polishers, cleaners, Varian and HP thin film sputter deposition systems, disk burnishers and lubricators. Maintained test equipment such as read/write head testers, electrical integrity disk testers, liquid chromatographs for lubricant analysis.

Surface Science Instruments                             Mountain View, CA                                  1987 - 1989

ESCA Product Support Specialist
Provided technical support to field service engineers for installation and maintenance of X-ray photoelectron analysis instruments and components such as ultra-high vacuum systems, high energy electron sources, monochromators, hemispherical electron analyzers, electron multipliers, and position sensitive electron detectors. Guided customers in simple maintenance, repair, and use of X-ray-photoelectron spectrometers. Designed and maintained instrument logs. Managed field service engineers.


Surface Science Laboratories                           Mountain View, CA                                  1984 - 1987

Field and Laboratory Service Engineer
Serviced X-ray photoelectron spectrometers in-house and at customer sites.
Troubleshot problems to component level on high voltage power supplies and ultra-high vacuum apparatus (cryogenic pumps, turbo-molecular, ion, and mechanical pumps). Serviced ion bombardment sources and data acquisition systems. Supported Hewlett Packard 9836 and 310 computer systems with control circuitry for materials analysis instrumentation. Calibrated instrumentation to meet predetermined specifications. Analyzed cause and effect relationships to obtain long term remedies for ongoing problems.


Currently enrolled as a part/full time student pursuing a degree in Physics at
College-of-San Mateo, San Mateo, CA



Relevant Course work:
LabView 6.1 Advanced Programming
Object Oriented C++
C++ Programming
Object Oriented Programming in Java
C Programming
Microprocessor Interfacing - Built an E-PROM programmer and wrote associated machine language code. Designed interfaces with Intel 8255 and other Intel microprocessor support chips.


References furnished upon request